Affordable Moving Company in Oakland County

Northern Michigan

Northern Michigan is becoming more and more popular, more people are looking to either move up north or vacation there. There is a quality of life that can’t be found in many other places, it is more relaxed and stress free. Here are some of the most popular cities in Northern Michigan where people like […]

Tips to make your move easier and less stressful

Do you have to move and aren’t sure where to begin? A lot of times moving can be a nightmare, but if you’re organized it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make your move easier: Plan in advance: If you’re looking to have your move professionally done, then […]

Are you looking to move to Metro Detroit or the surrounding areas?

Whether you moved for work or pleasure it is good to know the surrounding areas. Below is a list of a few cities in the Metro Detroit area and the different activities the cities offer: Royal Oak – If you have moved to this Royal Oak or near you can see that it has a […]

Labor Only

Affordable Moving Services Provides “Labor Only” moving services. This is for when you already have a truck or POD and you need the man power to load and/or unload. A lot of people choose this service when moving long distances. We have lots of experience doing these types of moves. If you’re moving out of […]

Senior Moving

Transitions can be particularly stressful for our senior clients, many of whom face unique physical and emotional challenges our younger clients may not face. Moving from a house you have made a home for so many years is not an easy decision that is why choosing the right movers is a must. At Affordable Moving […]

Residential Moves

Residential Moves – Affordable Moving Services has provided full-service move for years. We will provide an estimate that will only change if your move changes. Trained packers will come to your home and, using quality packing and shipping materials, pack your home professionally. On your scheduled date, our movers will arrive, safely and securely load […]