Affordable Moving Company in Oakland County

Terms and Conditions


     Payment is due immediately after your move is done. By signing ourcontract you are letting us know that you have the finances necessary to cover the costs of your move.
     Unfortunately, a small percentage of customers hire us without the means to pay or intention to pay for services. Please be aware that in Michigan this will be prosecuted under the theft of services to the full extent of the law.
     We accept major debit/credit cards, Cash, and Checks. All checks which do not clear the bank will be subject to a $40.00 return check charge. Upon return of check, customer will be notified and will have ten (10) days to bring in the check amount plus the return check fee in cash, money order or certified check. After the ten (10) days have expired, if check has not been made good then client will be prosecuted under the relevant remedies available under the law.
     Credit card convenience fee-We charge a 3% credit card convenience fee for ALL credit card payments. If you have made a reservation with a credit card deposit a 3% charge will be added as well, the 3% will not be refunded. Ex: if your reservation requires a $100 deposit, $103 will be charged to your card Only $100 will be deducted from your final bill and not $103.00.
     Public Holiday Rates: Public Holidays. Ex: Memorial Day, Easter, Christmas etc.… will have an additional hourly charge tacked onto the base rate as follows.

2 Men = ($20/HR to the base rate)
3 Men =( $30/HR to the base rate)
4 Men =( $40/HR to the base rate)

Cancellations You MUST notify us by email 96 hours (4 Days) before the date of your move. After the 96 hour (4Days) period before your move we charge $100 to the card on file. We work in good faith to provide service to our customers and do understand that circumstances do change. We do not charge date change fees. Should your intended move date change, please do let us know ASAP, so that we can try to accommodate you & so that we can fill the void in our schedule and mitigate the potential losses this can cause.
Distances If Movers have to travel over 40 miles to a destination from our office locates in Rochester Hills, Additional charges may apply.
We do not transport chemicals of any kind including, but not limited to propane, fertilizer, paint, thinners and gasoline. Anything flammable we cannot transport!Customer warrants that all propane tanks and dangerous chemicals will not be given to movers to move whether boxed or unboxed. Customer also agrees that if an item is found to be flammable, that it will be left at origin and will be the responsibility of the client to transport to destination. Gasoline in lawnmowers or any other equipment can also not be put on trucks unless the equipment has been drained completely.
Wall Damage -: Shipper understands that oversized furniture does not easily fit through small hallways, stairwells, doorways and accessways especially furniture that was not designed for apartments. Carrier will advise customers of this possibility before trying to fit oversized items in or out of premises.
Changes can be made/added to this agreement at any time
Appliances and other electronic devices  Affordable Moving Services LLC will not be held liable for any internal components of an appliance and/or electronic device. When moving appliances & electronics it can be necessary to tilt or turn these in a position that is other than upright. Doing this can cause loose components that are inside to go ahead and come loose. Also, vibrations in the truck can also cause components that may have already been loose to go ahead & come apart.
Weather and Traffic issues other delays  Affordable Moving Services LLC is not responsible for weather traffic, construction, elevator issues and other similar delays that are beyond our control.


Pressed wood/particle board items will not be covered (i.e Ikea Style “Wood” Furniture) is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even sawdust, and a synthetic resin or another suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded

These items tend to come apart/break when moved due to it being so fragile, the slightest movement could destroy the piece due to the fact that it is made of wood chips and not proper wood. It will be the customer’s responsibility to disassemble and reassemble these items due to the risk these pieces of furniture carry.If client wants movers to disassemble and re-assemble, Affordable Moving Services LLC will not be held responsible for any damage, or if the piece of furniture is not assembled the way it was. The wood material has drilled holes with nails or screws that tend to chip or crack even with the utmost care.

Transportation of breakables without proper or recommended containers  Unpacked items of a fragile or breakable nature including, but not limited to, the following: mattresses, a glass of any kind, lamps, lampshades-pictures, mirrors, marble, granite, stone, pottery, LCD or plasma TV’s and artwork of any kind. MUST be packed in a proper box. Damage claims for such, will not be honored, unless items are packed or crated in the recommended container by the Carrier. Shipper (you) accepts responsibility for any item that is placed onto our trucks without the proper packaging.
Disconnection or reconnection of washer, dryer, or any appliance Client should have all appliances disconnected prior to move. Washer and Fridge should be drained day before the move, this will avoid water spilling during the move.Affordable Moving
Disconnection or reconnection of washer, dryer, or any appliance Client should have all appliances disconnected prior to move. Washer and Fridge should be drained day before the move, this will avoid water spilling during the move .Affordable Moving Services LLC WILL NOT connect any gas appliance, under any circumstance!
Client’s property warranty: Client warrants all driveways, walkways, bricks, steps, pavers, tiles, decks and floors are of sufficient strength and structure to permit safe moving. Client must make sure there is enough space for the moving truck to safely enter the driveway. If there are any trees that are not properly trimmed client is responsible for any damage that those may cause to the moving trucks.
Client agrees to empty out all unfinished attic areas, themselves. Our movers are NOT permitted in unfinished attics and will not be held responsible for any items left behind in these areas.
Third party services  Certain items must be professionally serviced/boxed or crated prior to being moved. This includes, but is not limited to; washers, dryers, icemakers, pool tables, marble and granite top items, large sculptures, grandfather clocks, copiers, computers or any other machinery with internal moving parts. Client understands that should they decide not to invest the money in having items properly serviced that it will be up to Affordable Moving Services LLC, whether they can move these items or not (grandfather clocks, pool tables, computers, etc.). If these items are accepted for transportation against Affordable Moving Services LLC recommendations for the proper and safe transportation of these items, it is understood that Affordable Moving Services LLC  will in no way, be held liable for any damage that occurs to these items.
Packed by Owner containers  Client acknowledges that Affordable Moving Services LLC  is not responsible for damage to the contents of any container “packed by owner” (PBO) and not packed by movers for this specific move unless external damage or other evidence of mishandling is noted at the time of delivery.
Unforeseen contingencies  Carrier is not responsible for any unforeseen contingencies including, but not limited to, traffic and weather.
Valuables  Carrier has limited liability for items of “extraordinary” value (greater than $100 per pound) including, but not limited to, the following: coins, currency, jewellery, stocks, bonds, precious metals, legal documents, or items with personal value. Carrier recommends these items be transported by Shipper. Carrier will have no responsibility whatsoever unless these items are specifically noted on the front of the bill of lading.
Reserving elevators, certificates of insurance etc. It is the customer’s responsibility to reserve elevators, loading docks or any other items that building management may require. If moving from a city where parking meters need to be reserved client is responsible for contacting proper authorities to reserve such. Any delays due to omissions by building management or client will not be Affordable Moving Services LLC responsibility.
Customers assisting movers! Customers often get extra “helpers” or they themselves try to help moving furniture! When the customer insists on “helping” any damages will not be honored because it creates situation, where customer or their helpers may damage property, and/or furniture and placing blame for the damages.
Repairs: If any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while in Affordable Moving Services LLC custody, we will, at our discretion, offer to do the following
     Repair the item.
     Replace with a similar item.
     Make a cash settlement for the cost of the repair or the current market replacement value.