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Who to Hire to Relocate Washer and Dryer: Expert Tips

who to hire to relocate washer and dryer

Not sure who to hire to relocate your washer and dryer while you start renovating your basement? It is possible to do. Things that look easy can actually be harder to do when you get down to the details. Thoughts are needed when moving a washer and dryer. Let us look at these key elements.

Who to hire to relocate washer and dryer

There are a few things you should do before you start separating your washer and dryer.

No 1. Finding the Right Space

First, measure the room to make sure these items will fit. It is very important to do this if you are moving them further away in the basement. Make sure the washer and dryer can fit through doors and up and down any narrow stairs if you want to move the laundry room to the same level as the bedrooms. If not, you may need a model that takes up less room. Don’t forget to plan for storage of your detergent and laundry essentials. Convenient storage options can make your laundry routine much smoother.

No 2. Adapting the Plumbing and Electricals

It’s not enough to just move the washer and dryer; you also have to deal with the pipes. Because your washer needs water, you’ll need to figure out how to move the pipes to the new spot. The cost of plumbing changes can vary, so budget for potential expenses. For a smoother and cost-effective transition, try positioning your new laundry spot near existing plumbing connections. Don’t forget about the dryer; it needs a vent to release hot air outside. Equally vital is ensuring you have the right electrical connections, which might involve hiring a licensed electrician. Proper planning here is key to a successful move for your laundry appliances.

No 3. Who to Hire for a Safe Move

When you’re contemplating moving your washer and dryer to a considerable distance or just across your basement, it’s a smart move to reach out to professionals. The reason is simple: a plumbing misstep during relocation can result in costly damage, potentially reaching thousands of dollars. To make sure everything goes easily and safely, it’s strongly suggested that you get help from a professional moving service. The answer to the question “Who to hire to relocate the washer and dryer?” is clear: professionals are the best choice for a smooth move.